Rhythm of Grace K6 Sample


Here is a sample of a day in the curriculum for Rhythm of Grace K6 Curriculum -this day comes from January.

I. Light Candle & Recite Psalm 8 

II. Storytelling

Parent-Teacher tells story “Runaway Shadow” by L. Frank Baum with props, add more Spanish words to replace the English ones in the story. 

  1. Winter – invierno
  2. Snow – nieve
  3. Cold – frio
  4. Itś cold – Hace frio
  5. Iḿ cold – Tengo frio
  6. The prince is cold – El príncipe es frío
  7. Shadow – Sombra

III.  January Circle Time

Hear the sledges with the bells – March with bells

Silver bells! Shake bells as march

What a world of merriment their melody foretells!

How they tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, Shake one each side of body

In the icy air of night! While marching

While the stars that oversprinkle Shake on each side of head

All the heavens, seem to twinkle while marching

With a crystalline delight; Shake on sides of body

Keeping time, time, time, while marching

In a sort of Runic rhyme,

To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells       Stop marching – shake at

From the bells, bells, bells, bells, Feet,Knees,hips waist

Bells, bells, bells- Shoulders, ears, overhead

From the jingling and the tinkling of the bells. Shake overhead


It’s the coldest day of the winter – King Winter’s Birthday! Speak


¡Qué felicidad, el invierno llegó! Arms out – spin around

¡Qué contento estoy pues no tengo frío hoy!

Ropa muy gruesa me he puesto yo, Touch toes, touch neck

botas, bufanda y abrigo de lana. Wrap arms around body

Las florecitas secas están, Arms over head like flow – droop

Over to  floor

los pajaritos emigraron ya. Fly like bird around circle

Porque el sol no ha salido, Hold arm in circle above head

ya no ha salido, Bend waist – sun toward ground-

Roll sun right    

ya no ha salido Roll sun left

MÁS. Roll sun middle of legs


What bliss! Winter has come! Arms out – spin around

How glad I am, for I’m not cold today!


Jack Frost’s playing pranks to his heart’s content – nipping ears and noses, pinching toes and fingers


Use a large white silkie (preferably long and skinny like a long scarf – throughout the song, run, jump, twirl – pretending the  scarf is snow covering the ground)  

Little Jack Frost tripped ’round and ’round

Spreading much snow on the frozen ground,

Nipping the breezes, icing the streams,

Chillin the warmth of the sun’s bright beams. Scarf down on ground in heap

“I’ll freeze their shadow” Jack laughed


I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,   Go in and out

And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.   

He is very, very like me from the heels up to the head; Touch head & toes

And I see him jump before me, when I jump into my bed.     Jump

The funniest thing about him is the way he likes to grow—   “Grow” slowly

Not at all like proper children, which is always very slow;     

For he sometimes shoots up taller like an india-rubber ball, “Grow fast”

And he sometimes gets so little that there’s none of him at all. Grow small

He hasn’t got a notion of how children ought to play,                 Patty-Cake

And can only make a fool of me in every sort of way.     

He stays so close beside me, Move close

he’s a coward you can see;

I’d think shame to stick to nursie as that shadow sticks to me!  

One morning, very early, before the sun was up, Sun over head

I rose and found the shining dew on every buttercup; “Pick” flowers

But my lazy little shadow, like an arrant sleepy-head, Rest head on hands
Had stayed at home behind me and was fast asleep in bed. 


(Finish out circle time)

Only with his shadow back could Prince become a King.

The world is so full of a number of things

I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings 


Circle TIme is over, Candle’s almost gone

Blow it out so gently, let’s finish with our song


All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful,

The Lord God made them all.

The cold wind in the winter,

the pleasant summer sun,

the ripe fruits in the garden,

he made them every one.

He gave us eyes to see them,

and lips that we might tell

how great is God Almighty,

who has made all things well. 

IV. Art/Modeling


Play Antonio Vivaldi, “Winter” 1st Movement from Four Seasons as you play with play-dough.

V. Read Aloud

Winter Story (Brambly Hedge) by Jill Barklem

VI. Handwork: (Cashmere) Quilt for baby doll


  • 3 or 4 100% wool sweaters (preferably cashmere)
  • Embroidery thread in contrasting color to sweaters
  • Large embroidery needle

Preparation for Parent-Teacher

  • Pick up 3 or 4 100% wool sweaters at the thrift store – cashmere is the best because it is the softest, but other wools will work.
  • Wash the sweaters on the hot cycle of the washer machine. Dry in dryer. You want them to shrink as much as they are going to.
  • Cut the sweaters to quilt squares.
    • Cut off sleeves (use these later for leg warmers)
    • Cut off collar and button band
    • Cut at seams
    • You can leave the ribbing or not depending on how you want the quilt to look and feel
    • Make 5X5 inch squares.
    • Don’t worry about small holes. You can patch these with a small square of fabric and the quilt looks even better.

Teach Child how to hand sew

  1. Practice on two pieces of leftover sweater fabric before beginning quilt.
  2. Thread the needle – (do not separate out the embroidery thread – use its full strands)
  3. Tie a knot at the end of the tread.
  4. Place the two pieces of fabric together
  5. Put the needle through both pieces.
  6. Go back to the first piece (the one you originally put the need through) about two fingers away from the first stitch.
  7. Put the needle and thread back through both pieces of fabric.
  8. Continue sewing until the two fabrics are sewn together.

Making the Doll Quilt

  1. Your quilt will be either 3 by 3 (15 square inches) or 4 by 4 (20 square inches)
  2. Allow your child to arrange the quilt squares any way they so choose.
  3. Take a picture (you don’t have to leave the squares out to remember the order)
  4. You are first going to make 3 (or 4) rows across
    1. Start by sewing the first two squares together
    2. Sew the third one onto the same row (the forth if doing four)
    3. Sew the next row
    4. Sew the third row
  5. Sew the rows together
    1. Sew row one to row two (Parent-Teacher – it helps if you sew one or two stitches into each of the hem lines – this keeps the quilt straight while sewing)
    2. Sew the next to the two rows
    3. Sew the third (and forth) to those
  6. Use scissors to cut off any loose threads.


While your child is sewing the quilt – either make a baby quilt yourself, make leg warmers out of the sleeves, or learn to needle felt.

V. Bible

Read Son of Laughter from The Jesus Story Book Bible

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Transitioning Rhythm

rhythm 2Sometimes it is hard to transition between the  musical improvisation of summer and the march of school year rhythm. The last couple of weeks of August become a jazz piece – with a steady beat but lots of improvisation thrown in.

I scramble to organize my calendar, school space, and household tasks. I make sure my school supplies and bookshelves are stocked, as well as checking the dresser drawers to see if they contain anything besides swimsuits and cover-ups.

When I was little – summer vacation ended and school began – changing everything about my day to day life in one swift swoop. It was exciting, but a little scary. Now, I slip from one rhythm to the next almost like embracing a new movement in the same symphony – a completely different tempo but carrying across the same motif.

Officially, we start our new rhythm the day after labor day – September 6th this year.

This is what I hope my new rhythm looks like:


8:00 – Wake, Brush Teeth, Get Dressed & Make Bed

8:15- 9:00 Mom coffee, Slow Cook Dinner, Sack lunches

9:00 Leave for Co-Op

10:30 – 11:30 Co-Op

11:30 – 12:30 Socialize & Lunch

12:30 – 5:00 Errands & Groceries (every other week)  Zoo (every other week)

5:30 – 6:30 Family Dinner

6:30 – 9:30 Church Home Group

9:30 Bible, Prayers & Lights Out

Tuesday – Thursday

8:00 – 9:00 Mom Coffee &  Bible Study

9:00 -9:30 Wake up, cuddle, Read-aloud in bed

9:30 – 9:45 Brush Teeth, Get Dressed & Make Bed

9:45 – 10:15 Breakfast & Dinner Prep

10:15 – 10:30 Trampoline

10:30 – 10:35 Candle Lighting & Memory Verse

10:35 – 10:50  Story Time

10:50 – 11:30 Circle Time

11:30 – 12:15 Art or Handwork

12:15  -12:45 Lunch

12:45 – 2:00 Household Chores

2:00 – 2:30 Snack

2:30 – 5:00 Health Club

5:00 – 6:00 Mom cook, Rose free-play

6:00  – 7:00 Family Dinner & Clean up

7:00 – 8:00 Free Time or Family Game TIme

8:00 – 8:15 Bedtime Snack,

8:15 – 8:40 Bath, Brush Teeth

8:40 – 9:00 Bible & Prayers

9:00 Lights Out – Bed

9:00 – 11:00 Mom – computer, reading, research and/or Mom & Dad time


8:00 – 9:00 Mom Coffee &  Bible Study

9:00 -9:30 Wake up, cuddle, Read-aloud in bed

9:30 – 9:45 Brush Teeth, Get Dressed & Make Bed

9:45 – 10:30 Breakfast, Sack lunch &  Dinner in Slow-Cooker

10:30 – 11:00 Household Chores

11:00 – 4:30 Forest Day

4:30 – 6:00 Free TIme

6:00 – 7:00 Dinner & Clean Up

7:00 – 8:00 Free Time or Family Game TIme

8:00 – 8:15 Bedtime Snack,

8:15 – 8:40 Bath, Brush Teeth

8:40 – 9:00 Bible & Prayers

9:00 Lights Out – Bed

9:00 – ? Mom & Dad time


Sleep in as late as want

Extended Family Day

Family Field Trips

Free Time

Every other week – date night & babysitter


9:00 Wake & Get ready for church, Mom

10:00 Breakfast & Lunch in Slow Cooker

10:30 – 12:30 Church

12:30 – 5:00 Extended Family

5:00 – 11:00 Mom’s much needed time alone, Dad’s turn with Rose

(Rabbit Trail: Notice I didn’t start early and we read aloud while cuddling in bed first. Being that neither Rose or I are morning people – I didn’t want to set us up for failure right off the bat. Also – I know that ART and HANDWORK should be separate events – but I also knew that if I pushed either back to after lunch – it wouldn’t get done. I also scheduled in flex time, driving time, and time away from Rose – for my own sanity.)

That’s my September march. My August jazz improv looks more like this:

rhythm 1Tuesday – Thursday

8:00 – 9:00 Mom Coffee &  Bible Study

9:00 -9:30 Wake up, cuddle, Read-aloud in bed

9:30 – 9:45 Brush Teeth, Get Dressed & Make Bed

9:45 – 10:15 Breakfast & Dinner Prep (That’s a crescendo from sleeping as long as possible every day)

10:15am – 8:00 pm Cut technology back to one hour a day for Rose: Free play; Run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to do all the organization that I should have been doing all summer: Swim – don’t forget there are still swim days left in the year – so trying to take advantage! 

8:00 – 8:15 Bedtime Snack (I have three weeks to re-establish the bedtime routine we threw out the window when the days were long and nights were warm)

8:15 – 8:40 Bath, Brush Teeth

8:40 – 9:00 Bible & Prayers

9:00 Lights Out – Bed

9:00 – 11:00 Mom – computer, reading, research and/or Mom & Dad time

Night Dance

So – I’m trying to start and end the day with the new rhythm – with total improve in the middle. As the days grow cooler and the march approaches – I can feel the excitement in my bones. My dance step is changing as I anticipate the andante days of summer turning into the allegro of a new school year.

What does you school year rhythm look like? What do you do to transition from summer?