Celebrating Halloween

Scary! It’s Dres’ year to design Rose’s Halloween costume.

Rose’s First Halloween
Right after her first surgery
3 months – My year = Fairy Wings added to my moby-wrap
1 year – Dre year = Purple Unicorn
2 years – M’s year = Lion
3 years – Dre year = ?
His stipulations – NO princess. NO fairy. NO Dora. NO anything that looks like anyone else. He’s been in deliverance for months. Finally the verdict arrives ….
I thought she’d end up as a Hobbit with huge hairy feet. He threw around the idea of Harley Quinn.
Can I tell you how excited when he made the BIG REVEAL: A White Swan from the the ballet Swan Lake!
How delightful!
He told me what he wanted – white leotard and tights, white feather tutu, white feather hair bow, and pink ballet shoes.
His job is over – mine begins. Searching Google Image and Pinterest for inspiration. (I won’t post any because that would be breaking #77 goal – no plagiarizing)
I began scouring  stores to find cheep stuff I can up-style. Goal – Head to Toe costume under $20.
Half of Half – $3 (clearance rack- everything up to $75 = $3)
Size 6 Juniors Prom Dress = $3
Once Upon a Child = $6.49
Size 6 Children’s – leotard = $4.50
Size 2T – 4T tights = $1.99
White Feather Hairpiece = $12.50 – ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?

Hobby Lobby = $5.09 ( Just give me an excuse to support the awesome Christian CEOs)

Scrapbook Stickers = $2.60 with 40% off coupon
Buttons = $.50
White Feather Hair Clip = $1.99

Things I had on hand:

  • Elastic
  • White Thread
  • Material Glue
What I did (maybe 3 hours work – max)
  1. Cut skirt off dress
  2. Ripped 2 rows of feather ribbon off dress
  3. Glued rhinestone stickers to leotard
  4. Hand sewed feather ribbon (taken from skirt) onto leotard
  5. Hand sewed top hem onto skirt
  6. Thread elastic through my newly sown hem to make a tutu.
  7. Glued button onto feather hair clip
Size 3T White Swan Costume
Total Cost = $14.58
BUT … I’m on the look out for size 8 toddler ballet slippers – I’ve got $5.42 left to spend
Thanks Dre! I am super psyched!