Rhythm of Grace First Grade Curriculum


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Character & Attributes of God
BIBLE Bible Stories
Memorization of Verses
Memorization of Chapters
LANGUAGE Form Drawing/Handwriting
ARTS Fairy Tales
Classical Read-Aloud
Classical Poetry Memorization
Library Skills
Counting forward and backward to 100
Quality of Numbers
ARITHMETIC Number Families
Four Operations
Roman Numerals
Form Drawing/Geometry
Logic/Games (Card, Dice, Board, Dominos)
SCIENCE Nature Studies
SOCIAL STUDIES Fairy Tales from around the world
World Geography
Wet on Wet Painting
ART Drawing
Art Appreciation
MUSIC Recorder
Simple Rhythm Instruments
WORK Cleaning House




Month Block Lesson # Block # of Weeks
September 1 Form Drawing 4
October 2 Arithmetic 4
November 3 Language Arts 3
December 4 Form Drawing 2
January 5 Arithmetic 3
February 6 Language Arts 4
March 7 Arithmetic 4
April 8 Form Drawing 2
April – May 9 Language Arts 5
Total Weeks
Form Drawing 8
Arithmetic 11
Language Arts 12


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What makes Rhythm of Grace First Grade Curriculum unique?

  1. Biblically based: Christian first, Waldorf methodology second
  2. Integration of Classical books, poetry, music, and art
  3. Most stories and read aloud books are available online
  4. Integration of games as a means of teaching
  5. Unique school week – three days of lessons, one forest day, and one field trip or meaningful work day
  6. Day by day lesson plans set up in block lessons
  7. Music, handwork, art, meaningful work, forest day lessons, read-aloud books, and field trip ideas are included as well as Bible, Reading, Writing, and Math: no need to buy separate books for separate subjects
  8. Innerwork Bible study for teacher included

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Curriculum Availability:

  1. A rough draft (unedited and unpublished) copy of Rhythm of Grace First Grade Curriculum will be available to purchase for a discounted price of $50.
  2. $50 will be paid via paypal.
  3. Rough Draft will be completely digital. It will be emailed to you via a google doc in Block lessons.


Block Lesson # Block Emailed –

no later than

1 Form Drawing April 30, 2017
2 Arithmetic May 31, 2017
3 Language Arts June 30, 2017
4 Form Drawing July 31, 2017
5 Arithmetic August 31, 2017
6 Language Arts September 30, 2017
7 Arithmetic October 30, 2017
8 Form Drawing November 31, 2017
9 Language Arts December 30, 2017

*The unpublished Kindergarten Curriculum can now also available for the discounted price of $50. It is ready to be emailed in a google doc to you in its entirety.


For inquires or to order – please email



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