Rhythm of Grace – K6 -Trial Curriculum

Questions 15

I am writing a Christian homeschool curriculum using Waldorf pedagogy entitled “Rhythm of Grace.” I am currently in the process of writing the Kinder6 curriculum, which I will be using for my own daughter this upcoming year. I would love to offer my curriculum FOR FREE to anyone who is willing to use it. It does not need to be used 100% as is – I know I have never used a curriculum 100%. It does need to be used with your children and not just read through. Here are some details about the offer:


  • Develop a Christian curriculum using Waldorf pedagogy .
  • Provide an educational path that leads kids into a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Blossom children into well rounded  people (heart, head, hands) for the purpose of loving the Lord with their hearts, minds, souls, and strength.

questions 14Elements of K6:

  • Fairytale Storytime
  • Circle TIme (Seasons, Fairytales, Bible Verses, Spanish, Counting, Waldorf Verses, and Classical Poetry)
  • Spanish as a Second Language
  • Handwork (Cooking,Fabrics, Gardening)
  • Art (Drawing,Modeling,Wet-on-Wet Painting)
  • Music (Incorporated in Storytime and Circle TIme)
  • Holiday Ideas for traditional holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Passover, May Day)
  • Once a Week Forest Day
  • Daily Verses
  • Recommended Read-Alouds and Bible Stories
  • Samples of Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Rhythm

history 3My Qualifications:

  • Experience
    • 24 Years Homeschooling
    • 20 Years Teaching Co-Ops and Private Schools
    • 20 Years Debate Coach
    • 10 Years Tutor for Reading and Writing
    • Taught Students (other than my own) at every grade level (K – 12)
    • Worked with gifted, typical, and special needs children
    • Written curriculum for homeschoolers, private schools, and churches
    • Homeschooled using: Unit Studies, Classical, Unschooling, Waldorf
  • Education
    • Studied Traditional Music & Theater Education
    • Minored in Literature
  • Waldorf
    • Self-taught and researched
    • Read All Articles and Books pertaining to Kindergarten on Waldorf Library waldorflibrary.org
    • Read Waldorf Blogs for homeschooling in practice

Nothing is Really Free: I’m willing to exchange my curriculum for:

  • Editing for grammar, spelling, organization
  • Helping me source materials used and obtain copyrights
  • Feedback on how to make the curriculum more user friendly
  • Feedback on content: what needs to be added or is not needed
  • Written Reviews I can use in the published curriculum
  • Free publicity: When I am ready to publish, I need people to write about the curriculum on their blogs and social media
  • Curriculum can not be republished as your own, given away to others without my consent, or quoted without permission

il_570xn-149738294My Basic Christian Beliefs:

  • God

I believe there is One God who exists in three persons: Father, Son/Jesus, Holy Spirit.

  • Bible

I believe the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God. It should be read literally, taking into consideration the type of literature. It is the ultimate means of truth (truth is not relative).

  • Man

I believe man was created by God to bring Him glory (to make Him famous). Man is born sinful, which separates him from God. Salvation is through belief in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ which restores our right relationship with God.


  • I do not claim this is a Waldorf Curriculum – It is a Christian Curriculum, using Waldorf pedagogy

questions 6Timeline:

  • Fall (Sept, Oct, Nov) will be delivered to you via google docs on or before July 31
  • Winter (Nov. Dec, Jan) will be delivered on or before September 30
  • Spring (Feb, Mar, April) will be delivered on or before November 30

If you are interested in using “Rhythm of Grace” Kinder6 Trial Curriculum, please send me an email at mrs.joyce.pinero@gmail.com. Please include information about your particular family and children. Include what you would like to do for me in exchange for the curriculum (see Nothing is Really Free section). Thank you for considering my curriculum.


2 responses

  1. I would love to try this with my daughter this fall – We have implemented various aspects of Waldorf into our homeschooling but would love a Christian version.


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