Hello Kitty or God … Should Have Been a No-Brainer

Bible JournalingToday I had an “Aha” moment. I was journaling in my Bible and Rose was sitting next to me coloring in a Hello Kitty coloring book.

Rose: What are you drawing, Mommy?

I show her my drawing and read the verse

 Moreover, he said to me, “Son of man, all my words that I shall speak to you receive in your heart, and hear with your ears.” Ezekiel 3:10

She points to the picture. I read

Me: All God’s Words

Rose: All God’s Words

Me: Receive in your heart

Rose: Receive in your heart

Me: and hear with your ears

Rose: and hear with your ears

She’s so attentive! She loves it when I journal, she wants to know everything I am drawing. She’s so open. She is hearing, and I pray she is receiving God’s words.

Wait for it …. Here’s the “Aha” moment – Why is she coloring Hello Kitty?Bible Journaling 2

So tomorrow, she’s Bible journaling too! I’m going to print off coloring pages that go along with the verses I am journaling. Next paycheck, I’ll order a loose leaf Bible from amazon and I can place all her coloring sheets in her very own Bible journal.

Bible Journaling 3

I’ve wanted to go through Psalms myself again, and God convicted me that it would benefit Rose to go through Psalms with me.

Why would I start in Psalms with a five year old? Don’t people normally start with Bible stories?

My desire is to teach Rose to love God with her heart, mind, soul and strength. To love someone you have to know them.

I believe Psalms teaches who God is – at least it is easier to discern who He is. It also teaches how to respond to the knowledge of who God is – through praise and worship. It provides an example of what a relationship to God looks like – pouring out our heart to God within the confines of understanding His character.

Bible stories are great. We’ll get to them eventually (probably next year). But sometimes when telling a Bible story I tend to focus too much on man and not enough on God.  For example, if I’m telling the story of Noah, I concentrate on what Noah did for God and how he was “righteous in the eyes of God,” instead of focusing on God’s righteousness, His justice, His saving grace, and His sovereignty which are all clearly seen in the story as well. So, it’s easier for me to stay focused on God while studying Psalms.

So if all goes according to schedule (God is likely to redirect me, so this is not set in stone) – This year (Kinder 5) we will focus on Psalms – knowing and loving God. Next year (Kinder 6) we will focus on the gospel. Using “The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name” as a guide.  We’ll read Bible stories showing how they all point to Jesus and from the beginning of time God had a plan to lead us into a relationship with Him.

Those of you who would like to join me on my journey – I will be opening a new tab on my blog titled “Inner Work.” I’ll be writing an adult Bible studies and a child Bible study, and posting pictures we’ve journaled.

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