Celebrating Rose

Kymee 5th BirthdayToday on Rose’s birthday – we celebrate her. We celebrate and praise God that he saw fit to place her into our home. She was totally unexpected.  Her very life is a miracle, the fact that she is in our home is another.  http://sugarspiceandtherapy.blogspot.com/2011/06/chord-of-three-strands.html

The anticipation began at the beginning of July.  Each day Rose would write the first letter of her name on the calendar – counting down the days til she turned five.  She helped mom pick the type of cake she wanted, and even helped bake it.

Yesterday, I tickled and kissed her a lot – letting her know it was the last time I could ever kiss my favorite four year old.

Instead of a birth story, we decided to do a prayer of thanks and blessing. After climbing into bed in new pink silky pajamas fit for a princess, Mommy and Daddy sat on the bed and prayed over her.  We prayed and thanked God for her life, for blessing our family with her, and for all the new exciting things she had learned when she was four – from hopping on one foot to how to be kind and share. Then Daddy prayed a blessing for the upcoming year that she would continue to grow physically and mentally and that she would learn to love Jesus even more in the upcoming year. Followed by butterfly kisses, Eskimo kisses, and Mommy kisses (a nightly tradition).  It was so sweet – I hope this becomes a tradition.Kymee Fith Birthday

After putting her to bed, I prepared for the morning surprise.  I decorated the kitchen table with the rainbow silk I had recently dyed with Kool-Aid, the felt crow I had made for her, the watercolor 5 I had painted and the presents were wrapped in colored tissue paper.

I had to keep her in bed til a decent hour – I don’t know about you, but it is not ok in our family to celebrate anything at 5:00 am! I wanted to be a nice person when we celebrated.

The light in her eye when she saw her table was worth every bit of effort.

Kymee's Birthday Cake

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing us these last five years with our beautiful Rose.

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