“All by myself” Dinner

I’m Rose. I’m four, but I’ll be five in eight days.

Tonight I made dinner for Mommy – all by myself!  I made Pizza and Slushies.

First, I gathered all the ingredients for the pizza.


Opps – Mommy forgot to take pictures of the onions, black olives, and mushrooms. I chose the toppings I like best.

I laid the frozen cheese toast on a baking sheet.  I spread the pizza sauce. Then I put all the yummy stuff on top.


I had to try a few olives to make sure they were ok to eat.


Then Mommy put the toast in the oven at 425. You need a Mommy’s help for that part.

While the pizza was in the oven I gathered the Slushy ingredients.


I put a handful of spinach in the blender.


Spooned in the yogurt.


Added frozen fruit – my favorite part.


Then poured juice over the top and turned the blender on. Make sure the lid is on though!


Then you have to wait while everything mushes together, and the yummy stuff makes the other stuff disappear.


Mommy took the pizza out of the oven while I sat the table.

Then I thanked God for the food. I said, “Thank you God for the food, and thank you for Mommy who let me cook.” (Normally we hold hands – but Mommy was too busy taking pictures)


The slushy is so yummy.


Oh my gosh, the pizza is good!


Mommy liked it too.

What do you like to cook?

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