There’s a Dragon in the Closet

There’s a dragon in Kymee’s closet.

I could attire a Uganda village of children with the clothes hanging there. Seriously. There are clothes she has never even worn and others she may have worn once or twice. And every day she pulls her silky PJ pants out of the dirty clothes pile and replaces the cute little outfit I put on her. I want to dress her in a new name boutique style outfit every day of the month and all she wants is stinky PJs. I have made the dragon into a pet and feed it regularly. 

Daddy feeds the dragon too! 

I can justify my glamour-girl gluttony.

Some of the clothes were gifts, boughten by others or hand-me-downs.

I’m an amazing shopper and I got great deals on all of it.

I was so poor when my other little girl was little that I never got to dress her how I wanted – so now I have a new doll to play with.

Social workers told us when Kymee was little that her biggest challenge in life was not going to be all the surgeries she’d have to endure but rather being bullied because of her scars and messed-up mouthful of teeth. In my mind, up-dressing her will make her less receptive to ridicule.

Some may wear their pride on their sleeve – mine walks beside me in frilly dresses and converse.
I want to glorify God with the money I have, not use it to feed the dragon in the closet. I want my daughter’s worth to rest in her being created in God’s image and for His purpose – not in the fact that she is the best dressed little girl on the playground.

I have a plan. You can now hold me accountable to it. I have made a list of what I believe she needs for any one of the four season (or the two Texas seasons – Hot and Cold).

Here’s the list:

7 Play Clothes (indoor/outside)
7 shirts
7 skirts or shorts or tutus
7 leggings or tights
1 Sweatshirts
1 Hoodie
1 Painting Shirt or Cotton Dress (Large enough to cover clothes – so she doesn’t always have to paint naked)
This part of the wardrobe is all about Kymee’s new-found 3 year old philosophy of life, “Do it myself.”
Everything has elastic and she can dress herself.
She can pick her own clothes. Everything is mix and match
Fairy PrincessCuteAngelic PrettyFairy Kei Clothes - love for every day look
A Japanese Princess Street Style which isn’t matchy-matchy like buying the entire “Unicorn Garden” collection at Gymboree.

3 Nice Casual Outfts
1 Jeans or Jeggings
2 “Special” Shirts
1 Casual Dress
This part of the wardrobe is all about me, and my pride, and what “I” want people to see Kymee in. 

Emylee feeds the dragon, too. “What
do you mean only one casual dress?
I buy her more than that!” 

4 Church Dresses

One dress a week for a month – then rotate for at least 3 months.

This is about Kymee and me– I’m searching for “silky” dresses which feel like her PJs –  Dresses she loves to wear and are special enough to meet and worship the King of Kings, the God of the Universe.

3 Shoes
Dress Shoes
Tennis Shoes

Rain Jacket or All Purpose Jacket

2 Cardigan Sweaters (Pastel & White – for play and dresses) 
1 Heavy Coat

I’m saving money by having her
wear the coats
with no clothes underneath 

3 or 4 “silky” PJs

1 Swimsuit in Fall & Winter, and 3 in Spring & Summer (There really should be a Swimsuit Anonymous for those like me who are addicted to cute swimwear) 

“I’m Joyce Pinero, and I am addicted to buying
too many swimsuits for my daughter.”
14 underwear
White & Pink nylons for church
1 Pair White Church Socks
5 pairs white athletic socks  (In my house socks go in the wash married and come out single – picking one type of sock means they can have polyamorous relationships)
And of course, a tiara

Fun Accessories (Optional – as I find them at good prices)
2 or 3 necklaces 
Hat – For fashion & fun, not warmth
Knee Socks
Leg Warmers
Hair Bows – Kymee HATES hair bows
Purses – Kymee LOVES purses

I’m slaying this dragon. I’m selling everything in the closet which isn’t on the list. I will keep a list in my purse of everything I need to fill in her fall wardrobe and as I find great deals I’ll purchase them. Or maybe I should just buy her a dozen pairs of “silky” PJs and call it a day. 

And with the money I save …
I think I’ll sponsor and clothe a Ugandan little girl. Sign me up, Emylee.

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