Letter to My Mom

Hi! I have so much to tell you. I have had such a fun year. My favorite color is pink. My favorite food is McDonald’s hamburgers. My favorite TV show is Little Einsteins. 
I love to play. 
I love to play hide and seek. No one can see me in my tunnel.
I’m really good a building with legos and blocks.


I like having a tea party with my stuffed doggie. 

I love to play with water,
And climbing trees.

Best of all was playing at the beach. 
I go to speech therapy.  
At speech, I play game

and I play bubble to build my muscles.  Good thing I love blowing bubbles.
Maybe I’ll be an artist when I grow up. 

I love to paint

and color with markers

and play with play-do.
I love to help cook. 
I love making cookies with my friends. I crack the eggs
and pour the sugar and stir the batter
but best of all is licking the batter off the spoon. 
I just learned how to peel carrots.

I even like washing dishes.

I love to dress up. Everyone says I’m a “girlie girl.”

I love tutus

and pretty dresses
And I love wearing make-up!

I love animals

I have friends with goats and chickens. I like to chase them and to collect the eggs. 

Horses are big, but they don’t scare me a bit! 

My best friend is my dog, Spartan. I like to chase him and pull his tail. I like to share my food with him  under the table. And I like to lay my head on him and use him as a pillow. I love him.

I love to give hugs and make people smile. I smile and wave at everyone I see whether I know them or not. I love when people smile back.

One of my favorite things to say is, “Rose happy” because I am. 

Love, Rose

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