The Perfect Party – Just for Me

How to Make Sure You Have a Perfect Party
Advise from a one year old expert
1) Always eat before going to party!
And during, and after

2) Helping Mommy with party prep is almost as fun as the party itself
More for me than Mommy

3) Ducky Decorations
Which are all about me!

4) Got to have perfect party attire
Complete with tutu and Rapunzel hat

5) What would a birthday be without Fairy Godparents?
I’ve got mine: Uncle Mark & Auntie Kim

6) Ducky Food!
I could eat all day – oh, yea, I did!

7) Lots of Good Friends
Tip: Invite families with lots of kids – and you’re sure to have a full house
8) Opening Presents
With a little help from my friends

9) After the perfect party –
for dramatic effect –
Ride away into the sunset
10) Thank all those who love you
chose to spend their day
making you feel special
Grandma & Grandpa
Here’s a smile for grandpa!
Emylee & Stephan
Thanks Em for all the help you gave Mommy
for weeks before my party &
thanx Bubu for taking off work
I know you love me
who always makes me laugh
Mandy & her peps
who knows how to liven up a party
Uncle Mark & Auntie Kim
my other favoritest people
Brauns & Teters
11 kids and 2 Mommies
who forgot to bring her kids
Emily Clara
who remembered to bring
her Mommy and Daddy
And most of all to the best Mommy & Daddy Ever!

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