First of Many

Kymee’s First Day without the Bottle

Boo. She loves her bottle. It will be sorely missed.

As sad as it is to see it go – it has to be done. 2 1/2 weeks til surgery – she NEEDS to drink from a cup. She is ready. Kymee is growing up so much. She’s had so many firsts this last couple of weeks.

First Curls
Yea! Hair.

First time saying “Mama”&
First time giving kisses on demand!


First time to sit without support

First Time to pull herself up

First Artichoke

First day completely on the cup
Kymee loves to eat!
She bangs on her highchair when she wants more.
She’s a mess! She sneezes avocado all over her face.
So here comes the cup. Boo.
She HATES her pink noseless cup – she screams when she sees it coming. So . . .
I offer her a sippy cup. I have read a blog by a mom with a baby with cleft palate who says her baby learned to drink from a sippy cup in which the flow stopper has been removed. So I figure I’ll try the same. No luck. Kymee pushes the cup away, and purses her lips together.
I take the lid off the sippy cup and try to get her to drink from it. Boo. She screams, as if I have offered her pickle juice.
She sees that I am drinking from a real life water glass, and reaches for it. “Good idea,” I think. “She can drink like Mommy.” I put water in mine, and formula in hers. She drinks. No screams. Yea.
Boo. The formula squirts out of her nose as fast as she drinks.

Thankfully, Laurie, the ECI worker is coming today. She says we should try a new cup. Unfortunately, after looking in her car, she doesn’t have one to give me. She finds a different cup – one she has never used with a client before. But, we can try it. It looks like Kymee’s bottle, but she drinks from it like a cup. Here’s the cool part . . . You can control the flow of liquid – slow, medium or heavy. I adjust it to slow – we can move up from there.
Infa Trainer Cup
Kymee takes right to it. she drinks 10 oz. (The cup only holds 4 oz, so I have to keep refilling it) I throw a towel over both of us to catch the drips, spills and nose squirts. But to my pleasant surprise, almost no run off fluid. It actually went down Kymee’s throat! She’s drinking!

She drank ALL her formula from the cup today – NO BOTTLE! All from a happenstance the therapist had in her car. Praise the Lord – maybe the next two weeks won’t be a stressful as I thought they would be.

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