Debate Case for Kymee

Resolved: That Kymberlee Rose Piñero will be prepared to drink healthy clear liquid from a cup before surgery in April


(For you non-debaters in my world, this means the facts in the status quo, or what’s happening now)

  1. Kymee was unprepared to drink clear liquid after the first surgery
  2. The nurses fed Kymee Gatorade
  3. Gatorade is not the healthiest liquid for infants
  4. Research proves Coconut water is the best clear liquid (All my debate friends must forgive my lack of proper sourcing)

  • It contains lauric acid which is also present in breast milk and is known to boost metabolism.
  • It has the same amount of electrolytes as human blood. In fact it is a universal donor, identical to human plasma.
  • It contains more potassium than most energy and sports drinks.
  • Coconut water is much more nutritious than fresh milk.
  • It is also healthier than orange juice.

5. Kymee Likes Coconut water
A picture is worth a thousand pieces of random evidence


Mandate 1: Offer Kymee Coconut Water daily – first in a bottle, than the cup
Mandate 2: Train Kymee to use the cup
Notice the tongue. Kymee does not use the roof of her mouth and cheek muscles to suck because of her cleft palate. Instead, she moves her jaw up and down, and uses her tongue to press the bottle to extract liquid. She tries to do the same with her cup – stick her tongue out and push the side of the cup with it – no success.

A. Exercise Cheek Muscles
Not overly lightly, we must squeeze Kymees cheeks in – like an annoying grandma – squeezing the cheeks together and saying, “Who’s a pretty baby?”
B. Exercise Tongue
Place finger on tongue – without having Kymee chomp down with her one shark tooth – and press lightly. The edges of the tongue should curl around your finger.
Agency & Enforcement: Mom, Dad, Sibling, Grandparents, and All Prayer Warriors
I as the Affirmative team reserve the right to clarify the affirmative case if any questions should arise.

1. Kymee wiggles her bunny toes in anticipation of her coconut water
2. Kymee smiles in contentment when coconut water is “All gone!”

A vote for the Affirmative is a vote for Kymee’s health and happiness.

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