Kymee’s Cup

First day of in-home therapy
“Drinking from a cup.”
A funny looking cup – A nose-less cup
(The little pink one looks like Kymee’s)
The purpose of the cup is to allow a child to sit completely upright and not tilt their head when they drink. This way gravity works and the liquid drips down the throat. If Kymee tilts her head back to drink, as we do without thought, whatever she is drinking will creep into her roof cavity and come out her nose. Goal – down the throat, not out the nose.
First Try
Pictures Speak loader than words!

(Tip:Rubbing a baby’s throat lightly encourages her to swallow)
Second Attempt
“I want my Mommy!”

“I did it – now give me my bottle.”
Moral of the Story: Never send a therapist to do a Mommy’s job


2 responses

  1. I like the goal and he moral! We all need to be reminded of these things. Now just to recap

    1. Food goes down the throat NOT out the nose
    2. Never send therapist to do a mommy's job

    LOVE IT!


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