ECI Evaluation

ECI, Early Childhood Intervention, came to the house and evaluated Kymee today. There were two evaluators – a supervisor and a speech therapist. The initial evaluation was made by studying medical records, diagnostic testing, and asking my husband and I questions.
(As a point of reference – Kymee will be 6 month old next week on Christmas)
Developmental Assessment Results:
Areas Assessed, Developmental Score & Months Delayed
Cognitive ~ 7 mo ~ ahead : )
Self Help/Adaptive ~ 1 mo ~ 4 mo delayed
Communication ~ 4 mo ~ 1 mo, at risk
Gross/Fine Motor ~ 5 mo ~ on target
Social/Emotional ~ 5 mo ~ on target
Goals for next 6 months
1) Drink from cup (not sippy) by April
2) Learn to eat solids
3) Learn to self sooth
4) Say “mmmm” and “nnnn”
5) Begin mimicking
The speech therapist will begin working with our family twice a month. We will begin by teaching Kymee how to eat and drink. And they will give me tips to work at home on the other issues.

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