Unwanted Masterpieces

Unwanted. Sold for $45 at a garage sale. Stashed under a pool table. Unseen by society. Just an old box of photos.
The photos are meaningless, except for the photographer: Ansel Adams. Now their estimated worth is over $200 million.
Unwanted, undersold, thrown aside, forgotten, yet unfathomably valued and worthy of respect: Unwanted Masterpieces

I once taught a Bible study for a group of teens who lived in a group home. We were studying the value of life and why abortion was wrong, when a sweet 13 year old girl with creamy chocolate skin and a beautiful face of innocence said, “I wish I had been aborted.” In shock, I replied, “How can you say something like that?” Trying to stop her watery pupils from leaking, she replied,”No one has ever wanted me.” And, she was right.

50,000 children waiting to be adopted
400,000 more children in need of foster care
15,000 Children – per year- aging out of the system without a family
The population of children in substitute care is growing 33 times faster than the U.S. child population in general (1)

“Unadoptable children”
6 year old or older and white
2 years old or older and not white
Children with physical, mental or emotional challenges (2)

“Caseworkers have been forced to keep children in the CPS offices overnight. Some offices have cots and play pens to provide the children coming into care a safe place to stay the night, in the hopes that a placement will be found for them the following day. The reality is that placement is not found the following day for a number of these children and will return to live in a CPS office for another night.” (3)

Unwanted. Stashed in group homes. Unseen by society. Just a gaggle of “unadoptable” children.
They are meaningless, except to their Creator: God. Their estimated worth is Jesus life. Yet they may never know this.
Unwanted, undersold, thrown aside, forgotten, yet unfathomably valued and worthy of respect. Unwanted Masterpieces
You say abortion is wrong? How will you let the unaborted yet unwanted children know?

(1) Craig,Conna, Director, Institute For Children, Hoover Institute Stanford University.
(2) Texas Adoption Resource Exchange
(3) http://foster-care.adoptionblogs.com/weblogs/texas-foster-care-scrambling-to-place-ch

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